What are fees and interest rate does a borrower pays?

Transparency is one of the basic values the guide us and that is the reason we created a platform by which one can understand clearly and easily the costs of taking a loan. All the terms are revealed prior to approval of a loan and you can use the simulator that shows the monthly payment according to the amount of the loan and the loan period, enabling the borrower to plan a payments table suited to your needs.

When taking a loan the only consideration to Tarya for granting the loan and servicing it is an origination fee.

The interest on the loan is based on a credit scoring of the borrower.

Tarya developed one of the advanced mechanisms of credit scoring that exist today; a unique algorithm that rates the risk and scores the loan accordingly. The interest is set according to the credit rating.

The interest rate according to the loan amount and period of the loan is as follows:

*the table above represents unsecured loans up to a period of 5 years. In the platform there are secured loans (real estate, vehicles, etc.).  The terms of those loans might be different than specified in the table above.

Origination Fee (One-Time)

*Origination Fee – is the only consideration paid by the borrower to Tarya (does not include fees paid for repayments in arrears. The origination loan is deducted from the amount of the loan transferred to the borrower.

Good to Know

No fees or penalties for early repayment (in whole or in part).

Who may submit a loan application to Tarya?

Tarya’s unique community-based business model enables a variety of people to apply for a loan, either directly from our website or via one of our exclusively selected communities. (Click here to read more about communities). Any individual over the age of 21 who has an Israeli bank account may submit a loan application. Tarya also provides financial solutions to businesses – click here to find out more. The loan application requires borrowers to provide different information, depending on the type of loan they wish taken. If the borrower passes Tarya’s digital underwriting assessment and meets our borrower criteria, the loan will be approved.

It’s important to note that we respect our borrowers’ privacy and none of your identifying information will be shared with investors in Tarya’s investment platform.

What happens if I am unable to meet my loan repayments?

Tarya has a primary, uncompromising obligation to its investors (people like you and me) and their money. Like a bank, the law allows Tarya to activate all relevant measures for collecting debts. Therefore, anyone seeking to avoid repayment of loans, or whose conduct is cause for a loss of confidence in Tarya and the financial community, is liable to various sanctions:

  • A borrower who fails to repay a loan will have his credit rating reduced, with the possibility of barring him from future use of the system.
  • Tarya will make use of any legal instrument at its disposal in order to collect the debt, including placing an lien on your bank accounts or salary, issuing orders barring exit from the country, limiting the use of credit cards, non-renewal of driver’s license, and shortened execution procedures.


Should we be forced to start collection procedures, borrowers will be charged with a late interest rate penalty, as prescribed by the law. This interest is transferred entirely to Tarya investors, as compensation for the borrower’s failure to make regular loan payments.

Late [Days] Action Charge to Borrower
Late by 1 day
In the event that payment is one day overdue, the borrower will not be allowed to request another loan until the amount in arrears is paid in full.


Late by 7 days
On the 8th day after payment has fallen due and remains unpaid, the borrower will be sent an alert by email and SMS. 25 NIS
Late by 21 days
On the 22nd day after payment has fallen due and remains unpaid, the borrower will be sent another alert by email and SMS. 25 NIS
Late by 35 days
On the 36th day after payment has fallen due and remains unpaid, the borrower will be sent another alert by email and SMS.

If the amount of arrears is not paid in full immediately, the entire loan amount will be recalled for early payment.

75 NIS
Late by 50 days
On the 50th day after payment has fallen due and remains unpaid, the entire loan will be recalled for early payment, and the borrower will not be allowed to apply for loans through the site for one year from the date on which all amounts owing have been repaid.

The borrower will be notified via email and SMS that the debt collection has been referred for resolution by our legal team.


500 NIS
Late by 60 days
From the 60th day after payment has fallen due and remains unpaid, the borrower will no longer be eligible for loans through the site.


Our goal is to help you avoid a situation where you miss a payment. In the case of any problem or difficulty in meeting payment dates, please get in touch with us at so we can see how we can assist you. Keep in mind, we are obligated to keep your loan information confidential, and we commit to treating the matter in a personal and professional way.

Can I repay my loan before the due date?

One of the main benefits at Tarya is that you can repay your loan either partially or fully anytime you want – without any early repayment commissions or penalties.

All you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your personal dashboard and select the loan that you wish to repay. The system will show you the balance for settlement.
  2. Transfer that amount to Tarya’s trust account.
  3. Send a notification email to specifying the amount repaid, your ID number and that the money transferred is to effect early repayment of the loan.

Once we have attributed the money to your loan, you will receive an email confirming execution of the loan repayment.

Details of Tarya’s trust account
Account name: Altshuler Shaham Trusts Ltd.
Bank Leumi
Account number: 15643/31
Branch number: 783

What is a trust account and why should I care?

A dedicated trust account is an additional layer of safety that we provide our investors.  All money coming in and going out of the platform goes via a dedicated trust account.  This account is kept separate from Tarya’s operational account and is held for the sole purpose of operating the loan process.

The trust account details are:
Account Name: Altshuler Shaham Trusts Ltd.
Bank: Leumi
Account No: 15643/31
Branch: 783

Don’t forget to include your ID number in the transfer reference – this will enable us to connect the deposited amount to your personal Tarya account.

What is the process from the moment I apply for a loan to the moment I receive the money into my bank account?

Each type of loan, whether it’s a consumer loan, business loan or a mortgage, has its own process. The following description explains the process for a consumer loan:


  1. Once your loan application has been received, you will then receive a loan proposal via email, setting out all the conditions of the loan.
  2. On acceptance of the loan, select the method of payment. In some loan types you will be requested to sign the loan agreement and send the original copy to Tarya.
  3. The money will be transferred to the bank account.

If the application is done correctly the whole process should not exceed two working days.

Good to know
In the course of making a loan application, borrowers can improve their credit score by providing additional personal details. The more we know about you, the better.

Visit our website to find out more about the different types of loans available at Tarya.

How do I submit a loan application?

You can submit a loan application via our dedicated website,

  1. Select the loan type you wish to apply for – be aware that we offer several financial solutions, so please make sure you apply for a loan via the correct web page.
  2. Select the loan amount and your preferred payment duration.
  3. Complete the loan application form by entering the relevant personal information – this will enable us to adapt the loan conditions based on your credit score.

For individuals wanting to apply for any purpose loans, please note that you must provide the following documentation with your application:

  • A photocopy of your identity document + its attachment
  • Bank statements for the last three months (for all your bank accounts)
  • Your last three pay slips
  • A banking document showing your personal details, for example a blank cheque

If the loan applicant is an independent business, the following documents must be added to the application form:

  • An exempt/authorized dealer certificate
  • The six last VAT reports
  • Revenue and expenses statements for the past two years

Please note: The loan application will not be processed until all documents have been received.

How do I apply for a loan?

At Tarya we have a serval types of loans, click here to see all available financial solutions.

For individuals wanting to apply for all purpose loan, you must provide the following documentation with your application:

  • A photocopy of your identity document + its attachment
  • Bank statements for the last three months (for all your bank accounts)
  • Your last three pay slips
  • Any type of banking document for example a cancelled blank cheque, showing your personal details

Please note: The loan application will not proceed to underwriting until all documents have been received.

I have submitted a loan application and I wish to cancel it – how do I do this?

Submitting a loan application does not form a legally binding agreement and therefore you can cancel the application anytime. The loan only becomes legally binding and active once you have accepted the loan agreement.

Once the money has been transferred to your bank account, you can cancel the transaction without any cancellation fee, but keep in mind that the origination fee will not be reimbursed.

Good to know:
You can repay your loan anytime, without cancellation fees or penalties.

How is my private data stored?

At Tarya we place significant importance on keeping our user’s information private and secure. Our primary mission is to create a platform founded on trust, fairness and transparency.

We know to foster your trust; we need to be able to secure your most valuable assets – your money and personal information. We do this by going above and beyond any local requirements.  At Tarya we implement our very own Golden Standard, implementing electronic and physical security methods to keep personal information safe.

  • The strictest compliance with numerous local and international standards:
    • ISO 27001 information security compliance and certification
    • Israeli Privacy Act Compliant
    • Supervised by the Capital Market and Insurance Authority
  • All data is stored on Tarya’s dedicated servers which are
    • Shielded by state-of-the-art Cyber Defense Systems – developed and enforced by a team of ex-8200 cyber experts.
    • Constantly updated and improved through Attack Surface Analysis
    • No personal data is shared or transferred to any third parties nor do we use it to push any loans to users.

Who is Tarya?

Tarya is part of the Tarya Holding Group which operates the largest alternative investment (P2P) platform in Israel, with additional platforms opening in France and West Africa, and development centers in Israel, Canada, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Tarya was established by a formidable team consisting of big data experts, intelligence tech specialists and regulation professionals. Empowering growth, retention and relevance for the benefit of the public, Tarya’s Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS®) offers businesses a full-suite solution, resolving and correcting financial barriers that have been left unresolved in the traditional banking world.

By providing users with personalized financial solutions at the click of a button, Tarya is reshaping banking. With our unique technology, earnings on loans are returned to the investors (and not to financial institutions) and financing solutions are extended to borrowers in real time, according to their needs and based on their ability to repay. The entire process is executed fairly, integrating advanced technological capability with the human factor, for low-risk, equitable, bias-free transactions.

What are the Conditions of Use of the Tarya website?

Click here to review our conditions of use and privacy policy.

What is P2P (peer to peer)?

The peer-to-peer revolution is facilitating and enabling people to connect on a whole new level. Introduced in several market segments, P2P architecture directly connects the service provider to the customer in an environment which is accessible to all, and where all peers are equally privileged. Think of Gett Taxi, Airbnb, Fivver or, in the case of lending, Tarya.

In the world of finance, the P2P model enables social loans, connecting people who wish to invest their money in a stable and safe platform on the one hand, with people who need personalized financial solutions on the other.  Platforms facilitate the transaction, and the innovative technology ensures that transactions take place quickly, securely and with very low cost to the users.

Can I take a second loan from Tarya?

An additional loan can only be submitted once you have made at least six consecutive payments on your initial loan, and only if payment has been made on time and without any arrears in payments. Following the six-month period, a new button will appear on your personal dashboard allowing you to submit a new loan application.

Keep in mind that each new loan application will be subject to a new underwriting assessment.

Good to know:
Each loan is debited separately from your payment account – Tarya does not combine different loans into a single debit amount. If you have several loans being paid on the same day, you will only see one charge on your bank account – the total of the payment. We group same day payments into one to save you higher  commissions and bank fees.

What is the maximum amount of credit that I can apply for?

Tarya provides a variety of financial products. For all purpose loans, borrowers can apply for a loan of up to 50,000 NIS for a period not exceeding five years, subject to a full underwriting process. Please keep in mind that Tarya offers numerous types of credit, the conditions of which depends on the type, length and amount of credit.

Can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method anytime you wish – just send an email with all the new information to:

How do I make payments on my loan?

You can make payments on your loan in the following two ways:

  • Set up a standing order with the bank account associated with your loan


  • Via a credit card issued in your own name.

Good to know:
Paying via credit card constitutes a renewable monthly debit and does not block your credit card limit.

Is it possible to get a loan exceeding 50,000 NIS?

In some cases, yes. Loans exceeding 50,000 NIS may be made against collateral, subject to full underwriting of the customer and an independent assessment of the value of the proposed collateral.

Will I get the loan amount I apply for?

The final loan amount extended to you will be based on a number of different criteria, depending on the type of loan you apply for and subject to the underwriter.

I entered my ID number during the loan application process – why did I receive an error message?

Registration in the system is only possible if you are over the age of 18 and Israeli ID number. If an error message is received, please recheck the number you have entered to make sure that there are no superfluous spaces and ensure that you have not been registered in the system in the past. Correct and accurate details must be entered in order for the investment to proceed.

Good to know: It could be that you are already registered and just forgot your password. Reset your password from the login page.

Why does no link appear for an additional loan request in my personal zone?

An additional loan request can only be submitted following a period where at least six consecutive payments have been made on the existing loan without any arrears. On meeting this condition, the relevant button will automatically appear on your dashboard.

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