Who is Tarya?

Tarya is part of the Tarya Holding Group which operates the largest alternative investment (P2P) platform in Israel, with additional platforms opening in France and West Africa, and development centers in Israel, Canada, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Tarya was established by a formidable team consisting of big data experts, intelligence tech specialists and regulation professionals. Empowering growth, retention and relevance for the benefit of the public, Tarya’s Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS®) offers businesses a full-suite solution, resolving and correcting financial barriers that have been left unresolved in the traditional banking world.

By providing users with personalized financial solutions at the click of a button, Tarya is reshaping banking. With our unique technology, earnings on loans are returned to the investors (and not to financial institutions) and financing solutions are extended to borrowers in real time, according to their needs and based on their ability to repay. The entire process is executed fairly, integrating advanced technological capability with the human factor, for low-risk, equitable, bias-free transactions.

Is there any contact between Tarya investors and borrowers?

The privacy of both parties is highly important to us and therefore Tarya strictly preserves the anonymity of both the borrowers and investors on the platform – as prescribed by law.
Keep in mind that for operational tasks, the identities of all investors and borrowers are preserved in the system for the purposes of identification and executing financial transactions.

Can I open an account for my children?

Definitely, yes! Sub-accounts, or as we call them ‘zones’, can be opened for any third party, whether it’s your kids or even your grandkids. Keep in mind that zones are sub-accounts under the main account holder, which means that the money legally belongs to you as the account holder, and only you can submit a withdrawal request.

To open a zone for your kids just log in to your dashboard.

How does Tarya keep my investment safe?

Tarya’s platform has been built with the focus of reducing our investors’ exposure to risk. By fusing three vital elements – technology, regulation and a community-based business model – Tarya’s alternative investment platform is one of the only platforms in the world that offers investors secured loans, backed by collateral.

In addition to secured loans, we have also developed the following unique systems to further reduce your exposure to risk:

  • Underwriting: At Tarya, we combine the knowledge of our experienced risk management team with advanced digital underwriting algorithms. Once a credit model has been validated, we add AI and machine learning for optimization and automation. This process is then repeated and adapted to the relevant market sector, providing a non-generic and robust underwriting system which is one of the most sophisticated, rapid and automated underwriting methods to date.
  • Trust Account: All money coming in and going out of the platform goes via a dedicated trust account. This account is kept separately from Tarya’s operational account and is used solely for the purpose of operating the loan process.
  • Rapid Investment Distribution Algorithms – On receiving your investment amount into Tarya’s trust account, our smart technology takes over. Dedicated algorithms distribute your investment between hundreds of different loans, based on the investment profile you have selected. As more loans meeting your investment criteria enter the system, your risk is reduced by spreading your investment over as many loans as possible.

Note: this procedure takes place every month, and changes will be reflected as such in your loan report under the number of loans your invested in.

  • Protection Funds (SAFE 200 and SAFE 500): We take the job of spreading your investment across as many loans as possible so seriously, that we have created a one-of-a-kind protection fund.
  • The SAFE 200, a free service available to all our investors. Covers any exposure you might have on a loan, should that exposure exceed 0.5% on a loan.
  • The SAFE 500, a paid service ideal for investors who are looking for a greater level of protection. Covers exposure above 0.2% on a loan. Payment for this protection fund is taken from earned interest, payable only when the exposure is above 0.2%, the duration it is exposed and only for the percentage exposed.
  • Secured loans: Tarya’s portfolio comprises numerous market sectors, from real estate to businesses to vehicles. Due to the nature of these loans, we can use their assets as collateral to be exercised in the event of failure to pay the loan.

What’s the catch?

So, you might be thinking that Tarya sounds too good to be true and wondering what’s the catch. Honestly, there is none. Today, we live in an era where time is one of the scarcest commodities we have. Unfortunately, the banking world has been slow to think of creative ways of using innovative technology to make financing:

  • faster
  • more personalized
  • transparent
  • less risky
  • deliver maximum value – to you the user

At Tarya, we use innovative technology and unique community-based business models which do all this!

What you should however always remember is that Tarya’s liquidity mechanism is built on the balance between money in and money out.

If for some reason everyone decides to withdraw their money from the platform at once, this may influence your liquidity, meaning that some of the following things may have to happen before you can withdraw money:

We liquify your shares in the relevant loans by refinancing the loans you’re invested in and replacing it with new investors.
Loans are repaid

How is my private data stored?

At Tarya we place significant importance on keeping our user’s information private and secure. Our primary mission is to create a platform founded on trust, fairness and transparency.

We know to foster your trust; we need to be able to secure your most valuable assets – your money and personal information. We do this by going above and beyond any local requirements.  At Tarya we implement our very own Golden Standard, implementing electronic and physical security methods to keep personal information safe.

  • The strictest compliance with numerous local and international standards:
    • ISO 27001 information security compliance and certification
    • Israeli Privacy Act Compliant
    • Supervised by the Capital Market and Insurance Authority
  • All data is stored on Tarya’s dedicated servers which are
    • Shielded by state-of-the-art Cyber Defense Systems – developed and enforced by a team of ex-8200 cyber experts.
    • Constantly updated and improved through Attack Surface Analysis
    • No personal data is shared or transferred to any third parties nor do we use it to push any loans to users.

Loans portfolio performance

The data in the loan performance table reflects the percentage of non-paid loans in each of Tarya’s internal credit ranks and based on the data from the past two years.
Each loan application is examined by our underwriting process with the aim of identifying the risk inherent in the loan, assign a credit score to the loan and as a function of all these, to set an interest rate to the borrower.

The risk inherent in the credit grades are as follows:
The higher the grade (AA), the greater the reliability of the borrower and therefore the lower the interest rate on the loan as he poses a lower risk of insolvency.
The lower the grade (BB), the greater the risk of non-payment and therefore a higher interest rate on the loan.

The data appearing in the table do not include the returns receive from Tarya’s SAFE protection funds, execution of guarantees or monies received as a result of our collection team for late interest from borrowers in arrears and therefore, from the perspective of the lender, the arrears rates are actually lower than what appears in the table.

You can change your investment portfolio at any time so it corresponds to the level of exposure you are willing to take on your investment, alternatively you can open multiple zones with different investment portfolios and see which one best suites your needs.

What is SAFE 200/ SAFE 500 (A)

One of the efficient ways to limit an investor’s exposure to loss is to spread his investment into as many loans as possible. However, there might be cases where the spreading of the investment at a certain time is not possible. For those cases, where the exposure to a certain loan is high, Tarya took it upon itself to reimburse the investor for a part of the loss.

Therefore, the SAFE 200 protection fund is a mechanism whereby the investor will be compensated by Tarya for loss exceeding 0.5% in a specific loan in arrears over 60 days. Note: Compensation will only apply on loans exceeding 50 shekels per loan.

For example, if a specific loan is in arrears and the investor’s exposure is 0.7% of his portfolio, Tarya will compensate him for the exposure above 0.5% so in this case 0.7-0.5 = 0.2%.

SAFE 200 is free for all investors and compensation is done automatically.

SAFE 500 works on the same principles but the threshold is 0.2% instead of 0.5%, adding an additional layer of protection to investors who are more averse to risk. The SAFE 500 protection fund is not a free service and investors has to pay a fee as shown in the table below.

The fee will be charged only for loans where the exposure exceeds 0.2%, and the fee is automatically deducted from the monthly repayment made to the investor – see table below

Good to know:
Where there is a borrower with several loans, Tarya will apply the relevant protection fund to all the loans in arrears of that borrower combined.

The SAFE 500 fees:

Sending money to a company I barely know is super scary! How do I know Tarya received my money?

Once you transfer the money to the Tarya trust account, we need to allocate the exact amount to your Tarya account. This process may take up to three business days, after which the amount will be reflected in your Tarya dashboard. (This is one of the reasons we ask you to use your ID number as a reference – it makes the allocation process much faster).

As soon as the sum is received into the trust account and the money has been allocated, you, the investor, will receive a confirmation via SMS and email confirming the amount deposited on receipt to our bank account.

What are the Conditions of Use of the Tarya website?

Click here to review our conditions of use and privacy policy.

What is P2P (peer to peer)?

The peer-to-peer revolution is facilitating and enabling people to connect on a whole new level. Introduced in several market segments, P2P architecture directly connects the service provider to the customer in an environment which is accessible to all, and where all peers are equally privileged. Think of Gett Taxi, Airbnb, Fivver or, in the case of lending, Tarya.

In the world of finance, the P2P model enables social loans, connecting people who wish to invest their money in a stable and safe platform on the one hand, with people who need personalized financial solutions on the other.  Platforms facilitate the transaction, and the innovative technology ensures that transactions take place quickly, securely and with very low cost to the users.

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