Why should I invest in Tarya?

Tarya is reshaping banking, giving everyone access to a fair and transparent investment platform which offers the same conditions to all, no matter the investment amount.

There are many reasons why our investors decide to put their trust in Tarya as their investment platform. Here are just a few of them:

  • High returns: annual net returns are typically between 4.0 and 6.1% (yes this is after Tarya’s fees.)
  • Stability and security: our platform is the sweet spot between banks offering very low returns and the stock market which is unstable
  • More than 80% of our loans are secured by assets
  • You only pay 15% tax
  • We are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority
  • Liquidity: our incredible proprietary algorithms enable our investors to have liquidity on all the available money within the portfolio which has not been invested. You can withdraw your available money anytime you need it, without paying any fee – it’s your money after all!
    Money invested in loans: It is hereby clarified that Tarya has no obligation to liquify the investors, money which is tied up in loans. It depends on the amount of investors asking for their money back simultaneously on average the liquidation process takes 10 business days. Furthermore, loans in areas cannot be liquified.

How do I become a Tarya investor?

At Tarya, anyone is welcome to become an investor. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our registration page
  2. Complete the registration form and attach some identification documents – the whole process takes three minutes
  3. Transfer money from your bank account to a dedicated trust account – on receipt of your investment to the trust account, your dashboard will become active.
  4. See how your money starts working for you.

We recommend you start with a small investment amount to test the platform. As your trust and confidence in the platform grows, you can increase your investment in increments.

To join click here.

A few important things to remember during the registration process:

  • A valid identity document is required for registration.
  • The email address you use to register must be the username you use to enter your personal investors dashboard.
  • The mobile number you register with, will be used for resetting your password if necessary.
  • The account is a personal investors account registered in the name of a single investor.
  • You can also register your company as an investor account – great if you want to earn more from your earnings.

Is there a limit on the amount of money I can deposit in Tarya?

There is no limit regarding the amount of money or the number of deposits you can make into your Tarya investment account. You can make a deposit to your Tarya account at any time, just make sure:

  • to add your ID number as a reference to the deposit amount so we can be sure to credit it to the correct account
  • transfer money only from the bank account that is associated with your Tarya account

If you are new to investing or just starting out, we recommend you start slow, test us out and gradually increase the amount.

How does Tarya keep my investment safe?

Tarya’s platform has been built with the focus of reducing our investors’ exposure to risk. By fusing three vital elements – technology, regulation and a community-based business model – Tarya’s alternative investment platform is one of the only platforms in the world that offers investors secured loans, backed by collateral.

In addition to secured loans, we have also developed the following unique systems to further reduce your exposure to risk:

  • Underwriting: At Tarya, we combine the knowledge of our experienced risk management team with advanced digital underwriting algorithms. Once a credit model has been validated, we add AI and machine learning for optimization and automation. This process is then repeated and adapted to the relevant market sector, providing a non-generic and robust underwriting system which is one of the most sophisticated, rapid and automated underwriting methods to date.
  • Trust Account: All money coming in and going out of the platform goes via a dedicated trust account. This account is kept separately from Tarya’s operational account and is used solely for the purpose of operating the loan process.
  • Rapid Investment Distribution Algorithms – On receiving your investment amount into Tarya’s trust account, our smart technology takes over. Dedicated algorithms distribute your investment between hundreds of different loans, based on the investment profile you have selected. As more loans meeting your investment criteria enter the system, your risk is reduced by spreading your investment over as many loans as possible.

Note: this procedure takes place every month, and changes will be reflected as such in your loan report under the number of loans your invested in.

  • Protection Funds (SAFE 200 and SAFE 500): We take the job of spreading your investment across as many loans as possible so seriously, that we have created a one-of-a-kind protection fund.
  • The SAFE 200, a free service available to all our investors. Covers any exposure you might have on a loan, should that exposure exceed 0.5% on a loan.
  • The SAFE 500, a paid service ideal for investors who are looking for a greater level of protection. Covers exposure above 0.2% on a loan. Payment for this protection fund is taken from earned interest, payable only when the exposure is above 0.2%, the duration it is exposed and only for the percentage exposed.
  • Secured loans: Tarya’s portfolio comprises numerous market sectors, from real estate to businesses to vehicles. Due to the nature of these loans, we can use their assets as collateral to be exercised in the event of failure to pay the loan.

What is the anticipated return on investment?

Tarya’s portfolio has yielded an average annual interest rate of approximately 5.5%, varying between 3.5% and 8.0%. It’s important to note that your return depends on several factors, such as which investor portfolio you selected. Our conservative investment portfolio, for example, has a lower return than the aggressive portfolio. The protection fund you select may also affect your return; our SAFE 200 protection fund is free to all users, whereas our SAFE 500 is a paid service, the fee for which is taken from your earnings, slightly reducing your return.


Want to have multiple investment portfolios working for you at the same time to see which one gives you the best return? No problem – just open a new zone. A zone acts like a completely new account, enabling you to:

  • Defined a completely new investors profile
  • Select a different protection fund
  • Enable or disable the Automatic Investment Agent
  • Enables you to activate the monthly returns feature. You can read more about monthly returns <here>.

With zones you can diversify your Tarya portfolio and earn different interest rates.

Is there a lock-up period for my money?

Let’s start with the most important fact – in Tarya there is no lock-up period for your money. We believe that the money you invest is YOUR money and you should have access to it whenever you want. Therefore, you can request a withdrawl on your available money from within your personal dashboard.

Click here for more information about how to withdraw money from your Tarya account.

To whom am I lending my money?

Tarya is reshaping banking through its unique alternative investment platform, which provides personalized financial solutions to many different types of borrowers. Tarya has developed a one-of-a-kind, community-based business model which enables us to provide credit to borrowers that come to us through vetted retailers and businesses, wanting to provide financial solutions directly to their customers. Only customers who have passed our stringent underwriting process will be able to get credit through the community. This enables us to give credit to borrowers – people like you and me, which means that your investment portfolio is less exposed to late payments and potential default. 

Here are some of the reason’s borrowers use Tarya:

  • It’s super convenient – they can get financing directly at the point of sale or from the comfort of their home
  • It’s fast –they know very quickly whether they meet Tarya’s strict underwriting standards
  • It’s personalized – by analyzing the borrower’s data, we are able to offer smart, modular solutions that meet their exact needs
  • It’s completely transparent – borrowers always know how much interest they are paying on a loan
  • There are no penalties for early loan repayment

To read more about the types of loans available in Tarya click here.

Is there any contact between Tarya investors and borrowers?

The privacy of both parties is highly important to us and therefore Tarya strictly preserves the anonymity of both the borrowers and investors on the platform – as prescribed by law.
Keep in mind that for operational tasks, the identities of all investors and borrowers are preserved in the system for the purposes of identification and executing financial transactions.

What do I need to know about withdrawing money from Tarya?

At Tarya, we know that nothing in life is constant except change, which is why we have developed an incredible mechanism which gives our investors liquidity of all the available money within their portfolio. This means that there is no lock-up period for your money – you can request a withdrawl on your available money from within your personal dashboard – it’s your money after all!

The real beauty of all this is that there are no withdrawal commissions, early payment commissions or sanctions.

How does it work?

Its super simple! All you need to do is request a withdrawal from within your dashboard. The moment we receive your withdrawal request, Tarya’s smart algorithms start to “sell” parts of the loans you’re invested in. This process is likely to take a few business days, depending on the amount of your withdrawal request. In certain cases, to avoid you waiting for your money, the withdrawal will happen in a few rounds, meaning that you might get several separate deposits into your allocated bank account.

It is not possible to withdraw from loans that are in default. In such cases, the withdrawal request will remain pending until the loan amount has been recovered from the borrower, at which point, the system will then transfer the money to you automatically. You can read more about late payments here.

How do I request a withdrawal of money from my account?

  • Log in to your dashboard.
  • Select the ‘withdrawal request’ option.
  • Select the account you wish to withdraw from.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • On receipt of the withdrawal request, the system will start to liquidate your available funds.

Good to know

  • The system will display the maximum sum available for a withdrawal request.
  • If there is an open withdrawal request, no additional request can be made.

Can I open an account for my children?

Definitely, yes! Sub-accounts, or as we call them ‘zones’, can be opened for any third party, whether it’s your kids or even your grandkids. Keep in mind that zones are sub-accounts under the main account holder, which means that the money legally belongs to you as the account holder, and only you can submit a withdrawal request.

To open a zone for your kids just log in to your dashboard.

What’s the catch?

So, you might be thinking that Tarya sounds too good to be true and wondering what’s the catch. Honestly, there is none. Today, we live in an era where time is one of the scarcest commodities we have. Unfortunately, the banking world has been slow to think of creative ways of using innovative technology to make financing:

  • faster
  • more personalized
  • transparent
  • less risky
  • deliver maximum value – to you the user

At Tarya, we use innovative technology and unique community-based business models which do all this!

What you should however always remember is that Tarya’s liquidity mechanism is built on the balance between money in and money out.

If for some reason everyone decides to withdraw their money from the platform at once, this may influence your liquidity, meaning that some of the following things may have to happen before you can withdraw money:

We liquify your shares in the relevant loans by refinancing the loans you’re invested in and replacing it with new investors.
Loans are repaid

Who can become an investor?

Any person over the age of 21 with an Israeli bank account may become a Tarya investor.

But that’s not to say we don’t have a solution for youngsters too!

Parents can open a ‘zone’ sub-account under their own account, for their underaged loved ones. The dedicated zone will be owned and managed by the primary investor account – which means you’re always in control. While your kids learn about finance, and watch their savings grow. To read more about this product, please visit our zones page by clicking <here>.

How does my money get into Tarya’s platform?

It’s important to note that, in order to become an active investor, you must make a financial transfer from your bank account to the Tarya trust account.

The trust account details are:
Account Name: Altshuler Shaham Trusts Ltd.
Bank: Leumi
Account No: 15643/31
Branch: 783

Don’t forget to include your ID number in the transfer reference – this will enable us to connect the deposited amount to your personal Tarya account.

Good to know:
You can make an investment in several ways:
via ad hoc bank transfers, investing money whenever you can
by setting up a monthly standing order, investing a predefined amount each month. To make a standing order, please contact your bank’s branch manager to complete a standing order form.
Once you have executed the transfer, as soon as the sum is received in the trust account an email confirmation of the deposit will be sent to you (this procedure takes about three business days). The money will then be reflected on your Tarya dashboard.

Important notice prior to making the transfer:
In order to comply with Anti-Money Laundry (AML) regulations, the transfer must be made from the bank account associated with your Tarya account. A transfer from a third-party account will not be accepted, and the money will be returned. The same goes for your zone sub-accounts – we can only accept transfers to a sub-account from the bank account associated with the relevant sub account. When making a withdrawal, the money will always be returned to the account from which it was transferred.

Can I deposit money, using cash, credit card or check?

Currently no, in compliance with Anti-Money Laundry (AML) regulations, you can only deposit money into the Tarya trust account via a bank transfer from the bank account associated with your Tarya account.

Can I transfer money from one of my overseas bank accounts?

We currently do not accept any investment which comes from a bank account located outside of Israel. Tarya investors must have a local bank account from which transfers are made. We will inform you in writing should this requirement change in the future.

Sending money to a company I barely know is super scary! How do I know Tarya received my money?

Once you transfer the money to the Tarya trust account, we need to allocate the exact amount to your Tarya account. This process may take up to three business days, after which the amount will be reflected in your Tarya dashboard. (This is one of the reasons we ask you to use your ID number as a reference – it makes the allocation process much faster).

As soon as the sum is received into the trust account and the money has been allocated, you, the investor, will receive a confirmation via SMS and email confirming the amount deposited on receipt to our bank account.

How long does it take to become a Tarya investor

Registering as an investor takes approximately three minutes. After that, all that’s left is the last and most important step – transferring an investment amount to Tarya’s trust account.

It takes about three business days from the moment you have executed the bank transfer for your investor account to be activated. On receiving your investment amount into Tarya’s trust account, our smart technology takes over as dedicated algorithms distribute your investment between hundreds of different loans, based on the investment profile you have selected. Keep in mind that although the distribution process starts immediately, it may take some time for all your money to be invested – you can follow the progress from within your dashboard.

Good to know:
You can track the performance of your portfolios from within your dashboard, anytime from any place. In addition to your real-time dashboard, a detailed monthly report will be sent to the email assigned to your Tarya account or will be made available in your dashboard.

What are investment profiles?

The term ‘investment profiles’ refers to the parameters by which you have set up your investment account. It gives our system the rules for how to invest your money and how to match your investment with future loans entering the system. With Tarya, you have the flexibility to build a personalized investment profile, based on your sensitivity to risk and interest.

Alternatively, you can select one of our predefined investment profiles. Not only does this make investment easier and faster, it also allows you to easily change your investment profile, any time you want.

We have four predefined investment portfolios for you to choose from:

  • Conservative
  • Balanced
  • Automated
  • Aggressive

For more information about the respective investment profiles, click here.

Does Tarya provide investor reports?

Most certainly, yes. In addition to being able to track your portfolio performance in real time from within your dashboard, you will receive both periodic and personal reports via email or viewing the report through the dashboard.

Periodic Reports consist of the following

  • A monthly investor reports.
  • Annual report sent at the end of each calendar year.
  • Annual tax withholding report sent pursuant to the law.


  • Deposit confirmation for each deposit transaction, sent via email and SMS.
  • Withdrawal confirmation for each withdrawal, whether full or partial, sent via email and SMS.

What is the devaluation value in Tarya?

In order to reflect the credit risk in a simple and clear way, lenders can see their personal “devaluation value” within their dashboards. The devaluation value is unique to the user and represents the loans he/she is invested in.  The devaluation mechanism conservatively reflect the change in the likelihood of collecting late loans and based on the distinction between late payments for periods before and after 180 days. Obviously, in the latter case, loans exceeding 180 days,  the probability of collecting the late payments is smaller than for loans which has not surpassed 180 days. In the case of late payments of up to 180 days devaluation value is the actual late payments and in the case of late payments which exceeds 180 days the devaluation value takes into consideration the total amount of the investment in those late loans.

What’s the difference between the investment profiles available in Tarya?

During the registration process, you will be asked which investment portfolio you want to assign to your account. There are four predefined portfolios you can select from: Conservative, Balanced, Automated and Aggressive. The portfolios range from lower risk with lower returns to higher risk with higher returns.

Conservative – Investing only in loans which are secured by collateral. Anticipated annual return rate

Balanced – Dispersing your investment amongst various credit ratings to limit your exposure to risk. Anticipated annual return rate

Automated – Dispersing your investment amongst all the loans on Tarya’s platform. Anticipated annual return rate

Aggressive – Dispersing your investment amongst all the loans in Tarya, including lower credit ratings, which constitute a higher exposure to risk. Anticipated annual return rate

If none of the predefined investment portfolios meets your needs, you can build your own investment portfolio from within your dashboard.

Is it possible to change my investment portfolio once selected?

Definitely! You can change your investment portfolio anytime you want. Just log in to your Tarya dashboard. Alternatively, you can try more than one investment portfolio at the same time – head on over to the zone section to find out more.

Good to know:

  • A newly selected investment portfolio will only be activated on new investments deposited into your Tarya account – it does not retroactively change your existing investment portfolio.
  • Returns from the old loans will be deposited into loans which fit your new investment profile
  • Any change in investment preference cancels the selected default portfolio.
  • It is likely that investment portfolios built manually will influence the dispersal rate of your money – in other words it might take us more time to get all your money invested into loans.

Do investors with more money in their account have preference?

Absolutely not! Tarya’s treats every investor in the same way fairly, with transparency and without any differentiation. You will therefore receive the same interest and pay the same fee.  The fact that one investor has less money than another is not relevant and does not make any change to their performance.

What happens if a borrower does not repay the loan in which I have invested?

Tarya’s primary and uncompromising obligation is to you as investor. We are obliged by the law to take all measures available in order to collect the debt. Therefore, anyone seeking to avoid repayment of loans, or whose conduct is cause for a loss of confidence in Tarya and the financial community, is liable to various sanctions:

  • A borrower in default will be reported to the Bank of Israel, according to the law of (netunai hashrai)
  • Tarya will make use of any legal instrument at its disposal in order to collect the debt, including placing an lien on the borrower’s bank accounts or salary, issuing orders barring exit from the country, limiting the use of credit cards, non-renewal of driver’s license, and shortened execution procedures.
  • Should we be forced to start collection procedures, borrowers will be charged with a late interest rate penalty, as prescribed by the law. The interest earned is transferred entirely to the investors, as compensation for the borrower’s failure to make regular loan payments.

What is SAFE 200/ SAFE 500 (A)

One of the efficient ways to limit an investor’s exposure to loss is to spread his investment into as many loans as possible. However, there might be cases where the spreading of the investment at a certain time is not possible. For those cases, where the exposure to a certain loan is high, Tarya took it upon itself to reimburse the investor for a part of the loss.

Therefore, the SAFE 200 protection fund is a mechanism whereby the investor will be compensated by Tarya for loss exceeding 0.5% in a specific loan in arrears over 60 days. Note: Compensation will only apply on loans exceeding 50 shekels per loan.

For example, if a specific loan is in arrears and the investor’s exposure is 0.7% of his portfolio, Tarya will compensate him for the exposure above 0.5% so in this case 0.7-0.5 = 0.2%.

SAFE 200 is free for all investors and compensation is done automatically.

SAFE 500 works on the same principles but the threshold is 0.2% instead of 0.5%, adding an additional layer of protection to investors who are more averse to risk. The SAFE 500 protection fund is not a free service and investors has to pay a fee as shown in the table below.

The fee will be charged only for loans where the exposure exceeds 0.2%, and the fee is automatically deducted from the monthly repayment made to the investor – see table below

Good to know:
Where there is a borrower with several loans, Tarya will apply the relevant protection fund to all the loans in arrears of that borrower combined.

The SAFE 500 fees:

What are the costs associated with using the platform?

Investors only pay Tarya one fee, which we call a “success fee”. The success fee is collected in the following way:

  • fee is charged on earned interest and not from the principal amount – in other words, we only get our fee if you get your interest repayments (profit).
  • Fees are automatically deducted on a monthly basis.
  • The fee is calculated as 10% of the monthly net interest received before deducting 15% tax but will never exceed 0.5% of your total portfolio value based on an annual calculation – we will take the lower of the two amounts.

Fees are automatically deducted on a monthly basis.

Example 1
100000 portfolio
400.00 0.40% monthly interest
= (400-40) *X15%=54 54.00 15% tax
=400 X 10% = 40 NIS 40.00 10% Success fee 10%
=100,000X0.5%/12 = 41.66 NIS 41.67 0.50% Commission of portfolio
In this example you will pay 40 NIS
Example 2
100000 portfolio
500.00 0.50% monthly interest
=(500 – 41.67) X 10% = 68.75 NIS 68.75 15% tax
=500 X 10% = 50 NIS 50.00 10% Success fee 10%
=100,000X0.5%/12 = 41.67 NIS 41.67 0.50% Commission of portfolio
In this example you will pay 41.67 NIS

Loans portfolio performance

The data in the loan performance table reflects the percentage of non-paid loans in each of Tarya’s internal credit ranks and based on the data from the past two years.
Each loan application is examined by our underwriting process with the aim of identifying the risk inherent in the loan, assign a credit score to the loan and as a function of all these, to set an interest rate to the borrower.

The risk inherent in the credit grades are as follows:
The higher the grade (AA), the greater the reliability of the borrower and therefore the lower the interest rate on the loan as he poses a lower risk of insolvency.
The lower the grade (BB), the greater the risk of non-payment and therefore a higher interest rate on the loan.

The data appearing in the table do not include the returns receive from Tarya’s SAFE protection funds, execution of guarantees or monies received as a result of our collection team for late interest from borrowers in arrears and therefore, from the perspective of the lender, the arrears rates are actually lower than what appears in the table.

You can change your investment portfolio at any time so it corresponds to the level of exposure you are willing to take on your investment, alternatively you can open multiple zones with different investment portfolios and see which one best suites your needs.

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